Verbal Eyez Entertainment LLC. is the creative vision of the multi-talented entertainer, creative director, and producer Ted E. Pugliese. With Verbal Eyez Entertainment there are endless possibilities to “out of the box” designing for your themed events or shows. These designs can range from cyber-performance art, to classic cabaret, to eccentric circus acts. Musically fueled by hip hop, rock ‘n’ roll, or EDM, Verbal Eyez Entertainment creates the ultimate visual interactive experience.

For the past 20 years, Ted E. has worked all over the world in the entertainment industry as a dynamic performance artist and an engaging, world-traveling host. Most recently, he was called upon to be the creative events director for one of the greatest pioneers in the hospitality and nightlife industry, Tao Group. After relocating to Las Vegas to design all of the shows for Tao, Marquee and Lavo, Ted E. became the creative director for Snoop Dogg’s Snoopadelic Cabaret. The show lasted 2 years and was voted Las Vegas’ Best Celebrity Residency. Whether it’s corporate or special events, concerts, creative concepts for marketing and branding, festivals, nightclubs, film, TV, and everything social media related, Verbal Eyez Entertainment knows how to contribute creatively to the media moment.

As an accomplished motivational performer and producer, Ted E. is the media shaman who can fuse and produce creative entertainment energies together. He created Verbal Eyez Entertainment to bring the best visionary experiences possible to the masses. The relationships Ted E. has built all over the world enables Verbal Eyez to book anything, anywhere, at any time. If you can dream it, Ted E. can tell you how the dream can become a reality, and you will see the dream come to life before your very Eyez.